>> My vet said that the vaccine is 90+% effective and that
the likelihood of my other six adult, healthy cats getting leukemia was
extremely small.  <<

In my opinion, one needs to look at all of the factors before deciding
whether or not to vaccinate.

1) Vaccine efficacy. I have heard anywhere from 30% to 70% efficacy, but I
can't find anything online that says anything concrete.

2) Animal's risk of exposure. Adult cats are less susceptible to contracting
FeLV than kittens.

"the degree of virus exposure sufficient to infect 100% of young kittens
will infect only 30% or fewer adults."
Source: http://www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc/brochures/felv.html

3) Vaccine side effects, short-term and long-term.

"There are some potentially serious side effects from the leukemia vaccine
that need to be taken into consideration when deciding to vaccinate a cat.
Adverse effects from vaccination can include local swelling or pain,
transient lethargy or fever, post-vaccination granuloma formation (a
gathering of inflammatory cells that cause a benign lump), and most
seriously, *vaccine associated
sarcomas.*<http://www.catvaccines.com/sarcomas.htm>A sarcoma is a type
of a mass that is comprised of cancerous cells. Sarcomas
can spread from the site of the injection down into surrounding connective
tissue, muscle, and bone. Even with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical
removal some cats have died from vaccine-associated sarcomas. Although
sarcomas have been reported from vaccines other than the feline leukemia
virus (rabies is thought to be associated with possible sarcoma formation),
current scientific research links sarcoma formation most often with feline
leukemia vaccination."

Source: http://www.catvaccines.com/feline_vaccination_guidelines.htm

I no longer vaccinate my personal cats at ALL, and vaccinate my rescues
minimally or not at all. In the case with my FeLV+ kitties, I did not
vaccinate for anything at all. It IS a very personal choice, and one that
should not be taken lightly.

Orange County, CA
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