I am so sorry for you and Zing Zing. I had a cat named Ling Ling . He
started out life as Sting. He was a black tabby, you know very subtle
stripes. Most of my cat names have morphed into different names though out
their lives. Wish there was something I could do for ZZ.

I have ten cats now in a 1000sqft house and a small lot in the country. Most
still are in/out cats. Pewter has decided inside is ok with her. She got her
booster rabies and all other shots yesterday. I decided that she needed this
round, but after that I will either go every three years or call it a done
deal except for rabies. My Senior girl mostly prefers inside. JJ sneaks out
anytime he think he can get by me.

Best of luck with finding another home.

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