It's a personal decision, Brenda, but ultimately you need to have a vet you 
trust and have confidence in. 
>From what you've said about this vet, she doesn't meet the standard. Also, run 
>as fast as you can from any vet whose first suggestion on hearing "FeLV" is 

My vet had only ever dealt with one FeLV cat in the past (and I think the owner 
wanted euthanization--I can't be sure); but he jumped into top gear when he 
realized that I wanted to do everything I could to help my sick FeLV cat. He 
quickly did his research, and also asked me to send any new info I found on the 
felv website! 

Another vet in the same clinic--I couldn't always see my vet in an 
emergency--was cut from the same cloth, and although e.g. she had never used 
immunoregulin, she was keen to learn about it and work with me to try to save 
one of mine who had become symptomatic (non-regenerative anemia, in this 
case--there are several ways in which FeLV cats typically succumb. 

So you need someone who demonstrates that s/he's both highly competent and 
enthusiastic about working with you to do the best for Spazzy.

I would not worry about checking blood counts as a matter of course. The 
important thing is to be on the lookout for abnormal behavior. For example, if 
Spazzy were to stop eating. Or begin eating his litter (a sign of anemia). Or 
become withdrawn---hiding, or turning his back on the room for prolonged 
periods. Or no longer interested in playing.
Cats sleep a lot anyway---has he begun sleeping for an abnormal amount of time?

What exactly makes you think he's not feeling well--can you be specific?

Keep giving him those cuddles!


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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I appreciate your kind words and input I now feel hopeful! 
I will try the Vita- Mineral mix recipe. I don't believe Spazzy has cancer 
although the Vet hasn't done any further testing. That was one of my first 
questions to the Vet ...isn't this like cancer? And she said no it's like AIDS 
in a person, it weakens the immune system. She said it's not the disease that 
will kill him it will be the leukemia. I agree with you, I  feel at this point 
it would be worth looking for a  new Vet for Spazzy one who is familiar with 
feline leukemia. Do you think I should call around and ask how familiar they 
are or how many cats they treat yearly with this immune deficiency? I will try 
my best to make him as happy as I possibly can, he does seem happy to be loved, 
and in a warm home not too mention, but I notice he sleeps allot. Is this 
common? I'm sure he's not feeling very well either. I'm sorry you've lost 
kitty's to this , my condolenses.
 Should he be checked every so often for blood counts?

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