Try to get him to eat anything--preferably something with liquid in it for
water.  Tuna water from canned tuna sometimes work.  Then start going thru
your refrigerator and try a morsel of anything and everything--cold cuts,
yogurt, cold chicken, beef, cheese--just remember that's what important is
not what he eats but that he eats something.  Also try spoon feeding him a
bit and see if he'll lick the food a bit.  There is something called
Nutrical which comes in a tube--most cats like it.  You put a little strip
of it on your finger and they lick it up.  You should be able to find it in
any pet store and it contains lots of nutrients as well as moisture.  


Christiane Biagi

Cell:  914-720-6888 

Volunteer-St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter 



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he has only failed to eat today.  He was eating fine yesterday.  


He perked up a little just in the last 10 minutes, came over and made 

biscuits on my tummy and nowhe's taking a bath in the recliner :-)  






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