My FeLV+ kittys:
Buzzy - My first positive, he was adopted in January of '08 at about one year 
old. He had tested negative for feline leukemia in November of '07, but tested 
positive shortly after he was adopted. From the time I had him he was fed 
Wellness. He had been abused when he lived on the streets before my sister in 
law found him, and he was a very nervous kitty. I will always believe that if 
he had a more laid-back temperment he would have lived longer. Buzz was 
diagnosed with anemia in July of '08. He was brought out of it with Doxycycline 
and Prednesolone, but it came back in October and and the meds were no longer 
working. I lost him the week before Thanksgiving.

Orlando - I adopted him in July of '08 at 10 years old. He had been living in a 
barn with about 20 other cats that a woman owned. When she passed away a local 
no-kill shelter took him in along with all the others. About half of those cats 
tested positive at that time. He lived in the FeLV/FIV room of that sanctuary 
from January of '08 until I adopted him. He also eats Wellness mixed with extra 
water and Lysine. He gets a Cosequin tablet mixed in his food morning and 
evening. He is a very sweet laid-back no stress kind of cat. He once had a 
broken leg that did not heal right, so he has a crooked leg. Other then that he 
seems to be in excellent health. Maybe too fat. (Definitely too fat.)

Tweezer - A local rescue group was keeping him in a cage when they found out 
that I have positive and negative cats mixed and free to roam the house. They 
asked me if I would take him, and when I found out he had been living in a cage 
for months, I adopted him. He is now approx. 2 1/2" years old. I brought him 
home on Sept.17th of '08. He weighed 3 1/2 lbs and felt like a skeleton. He had 
an upper resperatory infection, weepy eyes, ear mites, a tapeworm and was so 
weak he couldn't climb up one stair. I still can't believe the director of that 
group allowed him to be in such horrible shape. Anyway, he was put on Wellness 
mixed with water and Lysine and began to gain weight very quickly. He was on 
several runs of Doxycycline and other antibiotics and has continued to improve. 
Today he weights approx. 8 1/2 lbs. He has one mildly cloudy eye that the vet 
says is a cataract due to being malnourished as a kitten. His URI comes back 
now and then and gets so bad that he sneezes blood. He is once again on a round 
of Doxycycline. The great thing about this cat is his amazing love of life. He 
is the happiest little guy I have ever seen. He is so very happy to be out of a 
cage and feeling good.

My two positives live with five negative cats who are all vaccinated against 
feline leukemia. All are indoor cats. I would like to put my positives on some 
kind of immunity boosting/vitamin supplement, but with so many making claims 
out there I am unsure what to trust. I know this was long, but I hope it helps. 

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