One of my cats, Misty, who is FELV negative went through a period of
obsessive licking where she literally took hair off and had bald spots.  Vet
thought it might be nerves--she's a bit of a "nervous nelly" and is
absolutely obsessed with food.  Let me go back through my notes to see what
we did but whatever it was, it worked and she sort of stopped....

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> Does the vet tell you what he thinks caused the dermatitis? 
No, the vet says that it could be amoxicillin but it could also be something
FeLV related or even fleas.
We tried to eliminate amoxicillin and fleas, first.

The cat, however, keeps on licking herself bald. She does that on her chest,
near the two forearms.
I agree with you about the transmission :-)

>>I don't mean to intrude here, but what type of gel did you get for the 
I cannot tell just now because I left the recipe at the pharmacy (they had
to order the gel) and will go there in the afternoon to take the gel.

>>Your cats are very cute!
Thanks! I also agree with you on vets. It's very difficult, as for human, to
find a doctor who keeps up to date.

Today Trudi's nose is a bit better. I hope interferon did something.


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