I have some good news: my two little ones, Ginny and Babette, are negatives and 
well. Ginny has been vaccinated two times already (she is two y.o.) and Babette 
is only 6 months and we have to wait after she recover from her operation to 
vaccine her.

My dear Trudi is now taking:
- Baytril for any infection
- Orozyme for stomatitis
- Ribes pet (vitamin E)

My vet also gave me Retopix (Aldemidrol) spot on to control dermatitis, but 
when i put it on Trudi, she starts licking herself and her hair away and to me 
it seems worse. 
I don't understand!

In these days, after taking Baytril, it seemed a bit better. In the places 
where she had lesions now she has crusts. But with this drops she becomes 
obsessed and bite and licks herself.

Do you have any experience of something similar?


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