Stefania, My cat Miss Clara had that too. The vet gave her a shot of 
prednisone. That helped. I give her 1 capsule of 200 I.U. vitamin E ( human 
dose) once a week. That seems to help. and as bitter as that stuff is, she 
gobbles it up like candy. The vet said it was ok to give to her. You might try 

Also, I got my sweet Templeton from a shelter and was told that he tested 
negative. Then I got Miss Clara there and was told the same. Templeton crossed 
the bridge at the tender age of 1yr. I got him when he was 9 months old. Then 
Miss Clara either had it or she got it from him. Now Miss Clara seems to be 
doing alright and her Friend Sophie ( I knew she was positive) is doing well 

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  can anyone help me?
  My cat has dermatitis and she keeps on taking away her hair. I don't know
  what to think! My vet says we have to wait but the cat gets worse.


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