you used my favorite word, ammeliorating.  first job i had as secretary, my 
boss dictated a letter and he held the mic so close to his mustache, that i 
wasn't sure where to look in the dictionary to find it.  i have never forgotten 
this word.  dorlis
---- wrote: 
> My vet opthamologist here in Philly, Dr. Glickstein, told me that he was 
> aware of only one
> controlled study on the effects of L-lysine on herpes.  He said that the 
> study showed that
> L-lysine did keep cats from getting their first herpes infection but that 
> it had absolutely no
> effect on subsequent infections or outbreaks.  Apparently these are not 
> the same results
> that are seen in human trials where it is belived to be effective on 
> continuing outbreaks.
> I know that many many people believe that they have seen results with its 
> use in cats however
> in ammeliorating a herpes outbreak.
> >L-lysine is not a general immune booster, it is primarily effective 
> against
> >herpes virus (which sometimes causes URI like symptoms and runny eyes) by
> >suppressing the L-arginine that herpes virus needs in order to replicate.
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