seems odd that it should be so widely used in veterinary medicine if there
is only one study published.

anyone on the fanciers health list? i know it's been spoken of often there,
and i know that a number of years back, one of the california vet assns
recommended that ALL cats, symptomatic or not, be given lysine as a

and i think that everyone on this list knows not to take everything a vet
says, no matter how well-meaning they may, as the final word. or most of us
would have killed our FeLVs upon the first ELISSA result. just talked with
someone last weekend who was worried about her "FIP-exposed" cats....

in a sanctuary setting, where we tried many many supplements and alternative
treatments, as well as standard ones, the one that was ABSOLUTELY EFFECTIVE
was the addition of lysine. anecdotal? of course.

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 12:07 PM, Gloria B. Lane <>wrote:

> Interesting - we should look around for studies (in our spare time lol).
>  One study does not the truth make, just becomes an invitation for another
> study. But that's very interesting.
> Let's see - I think the Herpes virus is supposed to feed on L-Arginine, so
> increasing the ration of L-Lysine to L-Arginine is supposed to lessen the
> Herpes virus. So does seem to make sense.  Seems to work for my cats.
> Gloria
> On Feb 9, 2009, at 10:32 AM, wrote:
>  My vet opthamologist here in Philly, Dr. Glickstein, told me that he was
>> aware of only one
>> controlled study on the effects of L-lysine on herpes.  He said that the
>> study showed that
>> L-lysine did keep cats from getting their first herpes infection but that
>> it had absolutely no
>> effect on subsequent infections or outbreaks.  Apparently these are not
>> the same results
>> that are seen in human trials where it is belived to be effective on
>> continuing outbreaks.
>> I know that many many people believe that they have seen results with its
>> use in cats however
>> in ammeliorating a herpes outbreak.
>>  L-lysine is not a general immune booster, it is primarily effective
>> against
>>> herpes virus (which sometimes causes URI like symptoms and runny eyes) by
>>> suppressing the L-arginine that herpes virus needs in order to replicate.
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