There are times that I have wondered if there is something going on with FeLV+ 
cats personalities.  It seems that I have a closer bond with my positives then 
with the other cats.  Also, the FIV/FeLV room where I volunteer seems to have 
the friendliest most loveable cats. I suppose that could be because nobody ever 
adopts them. :(
I have never head of any relationship between FeLV and dementia.

---- Maria Ianiro <> wrote: 
> So I was just wondering if having a very vocal cat is related at all
> to feline leukemia.  I've never had a cat as talkative as my Felv+
> kitty Bernie. Besids when he is sleeping, eating or looking out the
> window... he is making noises. Maybe this is normal, I don't know.  In
> the back of my mind I was thinking about the dementia that is
> sometimes realted with Felv+ cats.
> Thanks
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