Hello everyone,
My name is Steven with a long history of feline stewardship; will not say  
owner because who owns who is always in question! :) Sorry for a long  post.  I 
am confused and wanting to make sure I get the most efficient and  best 
treatment possible for a recent diagnosis:
I have 6 felines in my household:
Rosie-12 year old female brown tabby
Samauri a/k/a Sammy- 9 year old male blonde tabby
Olivander- 7 year old male Maine Coon
Maggie- 3 year old female blonde and white tabby
Squeaky-2 year old female tuxedo
Fuzzy-2 year old male long haired tuxedo and brother of Squeaky
My 9 year old Samauri just diagnosed yesterday with FELV and x-rays show  
moderate cancer mass in his chest cavity. His comprehensive blood work shows 
is normal and in range so I am confused.  He eats, drinks, sleeps, plays  and 
behaves normally as he always has, would not know he was sick at all.   All 
other felines being tested on Monday 3/23 and Samauri is currently  
"quarantined" in 1 large bedroom and we are all not happy about this.  Is  the 
which my vet says is of the lymphoma type caused by the FELV virus as  a 
"secondary disease" or is it possible the cancer is in addition to the FELV  
status and the virus is not causing havoc yet?  Would the blood  work be 
"normal" or are "we" just lucky so far?  Samauri has been going to  the vet 
for a cronic upper respiratory infection where his eyes tear  because the 
nasal passages were clogged. Medication clears it up as it has  occurred 2-3x 
year for the past several years.   
I am seeing a specialist on Tuesday for the cancer that shows up on the  
x-rays.  I imagine this is what I fight and do other things to ensure his  
system stays as healthy as possible?  My vet has given me liquid  Immuno 
Support Vitamins that contains Lysine, Larch Arabinogalactan, Reishi  Mushroom 
Lutein. He wants the specialist to come up with a cancer fighting  
chemotherapy protocol.
Also, I have read posts regarding separating or not  separating positive and 
negative felines, and my vet actually is already  assuming the other cats to 
be tested will test positive.  Should he be  making that assumption?   I am 
fairly convinced right now that I could  let all kitties roam the house under 
certain managed conditions relating to  shared bowls, etc.  
Am I even close to being on the right track here?  I have supported  CRF and 
Cardiomyopathy felines at home in the past but this is all new to me  
regarding FELV status and cancer.
Thank you to everyone for bearing with me
God Bless all our felines!
New York
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