this subject came up before, but how do you know when to say enough?  i can 
cope with the 5 i have now, but 11!  i would be broke.  if i could, i know of 
at least 20 more cats looking for homes in our area.  everyday, someone says do 
you want another cat.  if only people would just get their cats neutered and 
spayed.  forgot who said it, but sometimes i think we would be better off if 
some people were neutered and spayed.  dorlis
---- Sally Davis <> wrote: 
> Hi Jenny
> That is so great of you to offer. I hope Mike gets back to you. I actually
> mixed my positive and negative after a short period apart. The negatives
> were vaccinated. There had already been exposure in my case. It was less
> stressful for all the cats. I have 11 now. I think I had 9 then but new ones
> kept showing up. They get dumped here.
> Sally
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