thank God there  are people like you who will take the time to find homes for 
these positive babies. been fighting with my computer lateley.   my positive is 
healthy, sassy and sweet as can be.  why don't shelters want to adopt out 
positive cats?  is it insurance or do they just have too many healthy cats to 
take time for felv babies?  dorlis
---- JENI RECA <> wrote: 
> Hi,
> There is a male felv positive cat (tested positive on IFA and elisa) that 
> needs a home.  I work for a shelter and they do not adopt out felv positive 
> cats and give me a week to find a home or place for them.  I am currently 
> away in france until the 7th but asked if the vet if he could stay there 
> until I came back, finding out the answer tomorrow.  From what I they emailed 
> me he is male, 1-2 years old and very sweet.  He is getting neutered 
> tomorrow.  Any takers will find a way to get him anywhere.  Currently he is 
> in new york out on long island.  
> thanks very much
> Jeni
> jrock...@hotmail
> (i currently live in a very small house with two felv positive cats, three 
> dogs and a 10 week old infant...i think it would be a bit too much to take on 
> another cat...thanks)
> > Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 13:02:58 -0800
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> > Subject: [Felvtalk] Adoption
> > 
> > I have a stray cat that looks completely healthy. After a check up at the 
> > vet, I found out that she is Felv positive. The trouble is that I have dogs 
> > and a cat (felv negative) so I keep the stray cat quarantined. She's a 
> > great cat, very friendly, and I'm looking for a home for her (preferrably 
> > one that would treat her with acemannan.) I live in Chicago and am looking 
> > for someone relatively close by. Any possible leads would be appreciated.
> >  
> > Mike
> > 
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