avia, please tell your vet to look up FeLV in the merck manual The Merck
Veterinary Manual -Feline Leukemia Virus and Related Diseases:
where it states that 70% of exposed healthy adult cats will NOT stay
infected even if they do get the virus for awhile--that their immune systems
will process the virus out of their systems. you might also want to ask the
vet to show you one case of a vaccinated negative cat getting the virus from
a positive--many FeLV parents have been looking for that documentation for
at least seven years that i know of, and, surprise!--we haven't found it.
(we've found cases where cats who were only tested once, not taking the
exposure period into consideration, who did test positive after originally
testing negative, but NO cases of doubly-tested negative cats who were
vaccinated turning positive.)

two other good sites for CURRENT information on VETERINARY guidelines for
dealing with cats with FeLV (which will give owners accurate info, as well)
can be found at the american assn of feline practitioners' site (
www.catvets.com), and at the winn feline foundation's site (

sadly, as you are learning, vets are NOT the best source for information on
the three Fs: FeLV, FIV and FIP.

everyone, go put your vet's name and contact info into belinda's database!


On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 10:36 PM, James Rauscher <jamesna...@yahoo.com>wrote:

> Thank you everyone for your advice. Lisa, you are the best! I have ordered
> the Vetri-DMG for Onyx, and I am going to ask the more positive vet (when he
> gets back from vacation) to give me the interferon as well. I am going to
> talk to him about trying to make some sort of arrangement about bringing
> Onyx in when I need to without having to wait weeks for an appointment. I
> may not be able to, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right? Does anyone here know
> of a vet in NYC that has a positive approach to managing FelV?
> Thanks again,
> Avia & Onyx
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