They might have, but Immunoregulin isn't very expensive.  The brief search I
did on Immonglobulins talked about it being made from 1000 different donors,
etc., very expensive.  It is a therapy use that has been tried on many
different things for humans and I guess some animals.


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They may have meant immunoregulin...rather than immunoglobulins?


On Apr 4, 2009, at 10:44 PM, gary wrote:

> The vet that said interferon might or might not help, is correct.  I
> seriously doubt that your vaccinated cats would "inevitably" become
> positive.  It is true that the vaccine is not 100% effective, but the
> vaccine combined with the natural immunity that many adult cats have  
> should
> keep them fairly safe.  There are, of course, no guarantees.
> I haven't used DMG, but have heard many others speak highly of it.   
> I am
> presently using Moducare.  I don't think any of us has any  
> scientific proof
> as to the efficacy of any of these, there just hasn't been enough  
> study, so
> we do what we feel will help.
> As for "immunoglobulins", I don't think I have seen anyone mention  
> that here
> or on the other FeLV lists, unless, it was called something else.
> I don't think I would consider re-homing my negatives, you might be  
> waiting
> a long time for the positive to be gone, some here have very old  
> positives.
> Gary
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> One of the vets who saw my FeLV+ catOnyx said I could give her  
> interferon,
> that it may or may not help her, but certainly would not hurt her.  
> Two other
> vets told me there was nothing to do for her except to wait until  
> she gets
> sick then put her to sleep. One of them recommended "re-homing" my  
> negative
> cats until the positive one dies because they will "inevitably" become
> positive as well, even though they are vaccinated.
> Another owner of mixed positives and negatives is taking the same  
> route as
> me in not separating the positives and negatives (vaccinating the  
> negatives)
> but also gives her positive kitty something called Vetri-DMG which is
> supposedly produced by the body naturally and is an immune system  
> booster.
> Does anyone here have experience with these products? The vet who  
> told me to
> re-home my negatives said immunoglobulins are very expensive and  
> only help
> to keep a suffering cat alive. I am very confused - I get a different
> opinion from every vet I talk to!
> Avia
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