Hi Avia! I am the other person you talked to. :) The Vetri-DMG was
given to Tommy by his holistic vet, along with the homeopathic
antiviral. Will it "get rid" of the FeLV? I have no idea. All I can
say is that I've talked to others who had cats test positive
initially, and then negative after treating them holistically. I can
also say that Tommy is perfectly healthy. However, I do not know at
this point if he is positive or negative. He won't die from FeLV
itself, but rather from secondary illnesses. My goal is to keep him
and my other cats as healthy as possible. 

        Hope that helps. :) 

 On Sat 04/04/09 8:28 PM , James Rauscher jamesna...@yahoo.com sent:
 One of the vets who saw my FeLV+ catOnyx said I could give her
interferon, that it may or may not help her, but certainly would not
hurt her. Two other vets told me there was nothing to do for her
except to wait until she gets sick then put her to sleep. One of them
recommended "re-homing" my negative cats until the positive one dies
because they will "inevitably" become positive as well, even though
they are vaccinated.
 Another owner of mixed positives and negatives is taking the same
route as me in not separating the positives and negatives
(vaccinating the negatives) but also gives her positive kitty
something called Vetri-DMG which is supposedly produced by the body
naturally and is an immune system booster.
 Does anyone here have experience with these products? The vet who
told me to re-home my negatives said immunoglobulins are very
expensive and only help to keep a suffering cat alive. I am very
confused - I get a different opinion from every vet I talk to!
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