Thanks for all your comments, especially about feeding. We had guests over for 
dinner tonight and I couldn't wait until they left so I could get to my 
computer..after I began syringe feeding Wilson. Both of us quit after about 20 
ccs of cat food, but I then got on the assisted feeding site and was 
encouraged. Wilson actually was swallowing the syringed food rather gratefully, 
as long as I didn't push it too fast. My husband helped keep both me and the 
cat calm!

So we are starting on a new thing here.

Sympathy to Sharyl on the loss of Houdini...and thanks for the extra emphasis 
on the feeding that got me into real action. I am used to dealing with people 
who won't eat, not cats, and had no idea that no food for a short time can be 

Judy and Wilson

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