Something is very wrong, need to get her to a vet ASAP.  If that vet says
there is nothing wrong, go immediately to another vet.  When I was working
with a shelter we had a couple of female cats nearly die because of a
mistake the vet made during surgery.  He was not willing to admit he had
screwed up the spays.


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Our sweet baby, Darcy, ten months old and FeLV+ was neutered on Tuesday.  We
brought her home Wednesday and she seemed okay, considering she'd just had
Yesterday she was in more pain, but we just figured the pain shot they'd
given that was supposed to be good for two days was wearing off.
Today is even worse.  I called the vet this AM.  She suggested giving a baby
aspirin, which I did before going to work.
Tonight, she barely lifts her head and is mewing so pitifully.  She ate some
earlier in the day but won't eat tonight.  I called the vet again, and she
had me give 1/8 of an antibiotic and we'll bring her in tomorrow morning
first thing.  We've had other FeLV kitties neutered with no troubles, but
I'm getting scared tonight.
I just needed to share this tonight.  Any encouraging words or suggestions
are greatly appreciated!
Jody (& Darcy)

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