How do you assist feed a cat? 

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echoing kerry's thoughts, and everyone else's prayers--please let us
know what the vet has to say--spaying is usually a simple,
straight-forward procedure, but even when complications do arise, they
usually can be overcome. GLOW for the little one!


On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 11:09 AM, Kerry MacKenzie

> Sending prayers for sweet Darcy. The exact same thing happened with my

> FeLV Flavia and she recovered:
> She did so badly after her spay (the boys all did fine; it's the 
> females that have it harder), that when i took her to the vet as an 
> emergency I was totally distraught thinking she would have to be 
> euthanized (a housecall vet who came the night before and gave her 
> fluids had basically washed his hands of her in the morning when I
called to tell him she was still not eating).
>  My *new* vet showed me how to assist feed her--which made all the 
> difference. So important to get those calories inside. I'm sure she 
> gave her antibiotics too, maybe even more painkiller but i can't 
> recall. She recovered beautifully.
> Please let us know how Darcy does.  Darcy and her mom are in my
> hugs, Kerry
>  Our sweet baby, Darcy, ten months old and FeLV+ was neutered on
>>  We brought her home Wednesday and she seemed okay, considering she'd

>> just had surgery.
>> Yesterday she was in more pain, but we just figured the pain shot 
>> they'd given that was supposed to be good for two days was wearing
>> Today is even worse.  I called the vet this AM.  She suggested giving

>> a baby aspirin, which I did before going to work.
>> Tonight, she barely lifts her head and is mewing so pitifully.  She 
>> ate some earlier in the day but won't eat tonight.  I called the vet 
>> again, and she had me give 1/8 of an antibiotic and we'll bring her 
>> in tomorrow morning first thing.  We've had other FeLV kitties 
>> neutered with no troubles, but I'm getting scared tonight.
>> I just needed to share this tonight.  Any encouraging words or 
>> suggestions are greatly appreciated!
>> Jody (& Darcy)
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