Thanks for the info about aspirin.  I can see that due to the 
lack of an enzyme in the cat's liver giving aspirin anymore often
could result in death. Thankfully, I've only given baby aspirin to
a cat once.


On 05-30, Sharyl wrote:
> Jody, I hope by now you have take Darcy to a vet.  She should not
> be in this much pain this long after the surgery.  Like others I
> suspect an infection.
> Regarding aspirin, like others I'd be very cautious.  When Pequita
> was Rx aspirin for a pulled muscle the dose was 1/2 of a baby
> aspirin every 72 hrs.  Aspirin poisoning is a very real concern. 
> Here is more info
> Aspirin.  Yes, you
> can give aspirin to a cat but ONLY once every 72 hours.  The cat is
> missing a liver enzyme that helps break down aspirin.  This causes
> aspirin, and many other drugs, to be slowly broken down and thus
> the effects of aspirin lasts for 72 hours in the feline patient. 
> So, if you gave aspirin three to four times a day to a cat you
> would certainly have a dead cat by the second or third day.  Cat
> aspirin dose is 10mg/kg once every 72 hours.  Aspirin should be
> given with food.  NEVER give aspirin if the cat is also on a
> glucocorticoid (prednisone) or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
> drug (NSAIDS).  This is almost always the rule with other species
> as well.  A baby aspirin is 81mg, and a regular aspirin is 324 mg.
> If the vet that performed the surgery doesn't seem helpful I'd go
> to an ER. Sharyl

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