So here's my dilemma.  I'm struggling with a lot of decisions right now but 
I'll try to summarize.  His hematocrit was 29 a month ago, now it's 27.  Over 
the past 5 years, it's never been below high 30's.  So something is going on 
that it's going down.  My vet wants me to bring him back Wednesday and do an 
ear prick, check his HCT, and if it's ok, do a digestive panel to check for 
malabsorption, pancreatitis and other stuff (this is a test I've been asking 
about for some time, not something she is pushing).  It takes 4 mls of blood.  
I definitely want to rule this stuff out but am hesitant to draw more blood.  
Part of me feels I'm so terrified of this decreasing HCT that I've sort of 
given up.  That same part of me definitely doesn't want to accelerate that 
decline by drawing blood if he's really going down the path of the virus in the 
bone marrow, not making red blood cells, HCT steadily decreasing til he fails.  
On the other hand what if the anemia is
 mild because it's due to something like the digestive stuff and I could save 
him and don't try?  I'm so torn.  I'll hate myself if I do this bloodwork and 
my happy, relatively stable cat starts to crash.  Thoughts?  I'm going to post 
his whole history on the anemia group and get some opinions too and I'm trying 
to research the likelihood of the anemia coming from digestive issues.


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> PS.  His anemia was related to
> his positive status.  My vet thinks the virus activated
> in his bone marrow and that is what brought on the anemia,
> he developed pancreatic cancer in the 6 months we were
> trying to figure out what was going on.  It was obvious
> something was still wrong because even after we got his HCT
> normalized he was very lethargic and wouldn't eat.  My
> gut feeling was pancreatitis but my vet didn't think so
> because his blood work was normal, I wish I had followed my
> instincts and had the test for pancreatitis done, he may not
> have developed cancer if we had treated him for that.
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