I wouldn't say having only 10 cats listed for adoption is necessarily
suspicious.  It is - at least partly - a sanctuary and not an adoption
center.  If I paid from five to ten thousand to get a cat in there, I would
probably expect he is going to stay for life, why else would I pay that kind
of money?  It doesn't appear to be so huge that the cats wouldn't get any
individual attention.  Overcrowding is much less like when the entry fee is
that high.

This doesn't mean it is a good place, we just don't know.  Do we have anyone
in that area who could take a look?


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Hmmm.  Only 10 cats listed for adoption on their petfinder site.  And only
one of those, an FIV+ boy, is listed as special needs.  

This also makes me suspicious about the long term viability of the place. 
You have to be committed to finding homes for the cats.  They need human
families, attention, and they won't get that in a giant sanctuary setting. 
And if you're not focused on adoptions, you have to strictly limit your
intake to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

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