Perhaps, it is just a different way of looking at a situation. If I paid
that kind of money to place my cat there I would expect them to move heaven
and earth to care for that cat for the rest of its life.  That is, in fact,
just what people are doing and I think it would be a breach of contract for
someone who was paid 5 to 10 thousand to care for a cat for life, to adopt
it out to someone else that has no contractual obligation to me.

As MC said, it is a sanctuary, not a shelter.  If I had 5 to 10 thousand to
place a cat there, I would definitely be flying there to see the place,
getting references from others, vet references, etc., etc.


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That's really the bottom line.  Someone has to visit the place in person.

If I paid that kind of money to surrender one of my cats, I would expect
whoever took the money would move heaven and earth to find the cat a real
home.  I really expect that any remotely adoptable cat will at least be
listed for adoption.

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