I would be a bit concerned about why he has been on clavamox for a year.
That is a LONG time to be on any antibiotic.  A decent quality food, as
little stress as possible -not much you can do about the situation - and
lots of love and careful attention to his health.  Many of us give various
supplements in hopes it will help keep the immune system strong.  I don't
think there is any hard data that most of what we give is not more for us
than it is for the cat.  I'm sure you will hear about a lot of different
supplements, personally, I use Moducare.

You are a good person for taking in this kitty.


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A very good friend passed away & her family didn't want the cat. Spicey has
feline leukemia going on 2 years.  I took the cat in & have him in a spare
room away from my cats. He has been on clavamox for about 1 yr per my
friend.  I am waiting on the vet to call to find out all the specifics. Is
there any special food/vitamins/drugs to help? I know nothing of this
disease. I have been during research & says the cat should not be stressed.
Unfortunately, Spicey has been stressed as his owner was in the hospital
since last Tuesday. A neighbor was feeding him but he was hiding under the
couch as he is very timid. And now he is in a strange place, so he has to be
very stressed. It has been 3 hours & he has not come out of his carrier, I
do not know if he will be friendly with me but he has not hissed at all. I
think I maybe taking on too much but in a small way I feel like I am keeping
my friend alive too.


Any ideas/suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.



Joyce & Spicey

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