Joyce, you are an angel for giving Spicey a home - doing this for both
Spicey and your friend.
Do you have something of your friends that you can put in the room with him
so something smells familiar?
That might comfort him if you can do that. Does he have a good hiding place
available in the room where you have him? Access to a window to look out? He
will explore...he may wait until no one is around. He is getting accustomed
to the smells and sounds of your house.

Clavamox for a year is a long time.
Wonder if you might be able to find another vet who knows about FeLV.
I had two FeLV+ cats who lived to ages 16 and 22 years of age.
Does he have symptoms - sneezing, runny eyes, snotty nose, diarrhea?

I believe you will be blessed by this kitty in the same way that he has been
blessed by you.
Feed him the best food you can afford. Preferably a good canned food. My
FeLV kitties weren't on any treatments or supplements.
We did use interferon with another FeLV+ cat my niece rescued. She is the
picture of health. She was quite sick when rescued (as an adult) but is
maintaining well on interferon. We did have her on antibiotics for a brief
time and pain killers and prednisone for about 1 1/2 years before
transitioning to just interferon. 


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A very good friend passed away & her family didn't want the cat. Spicey has
feline leukemia going on 2 years.  I took the cat in & have him in a spare
room away from my cats. He has been on clavamox for about 1 yr per my
friend.  I am waiting on the vet to call to find out all the specifics. Is
there any special food/vitamins/drugs to help? I know nothing of this
disease. I have been during research & says the cat should not be stressed.
Unfortunately, Spicey has been stressed as his owner was in the hospital
since last Tuesday. A neighbor was feeding him but he was hiding under the
couch as he is very timid. And now he is in a strange place, so he has to be
very stressed. It has been 3 hours & he has not come out of his carrier, I
do not know if he will be friendly with me but he has not hissed at all. I
think I maybe taking on too much but in a small way I feel like I am keeping
my friend alive too.


Any ideas/suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.



Joyce & Spicey

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