Try Rescue Remedy in Spicey's water and the water of your other cats. Also add Willow (another Bach Remedy) and Feliway spray. I've tried the room atomizer but don't care for it. I have had wonderful luck with the Feliway spray and so have my vets.

Don't press Spicey. The Royal Princess Kitty Katt (FeLV-) took about three months to come out from under the couch and be comfortable. I slept on the floor most of that time to reduce my threat to her (size, ability to move etc).

Do the best you can to relax yourself. Your stress, which is very understandable, transfers to all the cats. Give them all the best food you can and follow your heart on supplements. The first stop I made after determining that Dixie Louise Doodle Katt, JP was going to stay in this world was to a wonderful holistic vet named Betty Boswell. She worked with my regular vets, Middletown Animal Clinic, and Dixie lived three wonderful, healthy years. She had everything possible during her life.....a big bed, doll, travel, love.....but there was stress too. Dixie was a throw-away that showed up in the pine thicket behind my Mom's. She was several years old then and, from the looks of her, I suspect she was not planning on staying in this world. Love, which was mutual, seems to have turned things around.

Most of all, don't count the days. Throw the calender away. No one knows how long they will live so just live in the moment. Honest. It is difficult but you have taken the first step. Listen to the people on this list and follow your heart. Not everyone agrees and not everything works for everyone. The knowledge and comfort here is great.

Blessings to you for caring for this little one.
On Nov 10, 2009, at 3:38 PM, stargazer 12 wrote:

A very good friend passed away & her family didn't want the cat. Spicey has feline leukemia going on 2 years. I took the cat in & have him in a spare room away from my cats. He has been on clavamox for about 1 yr per my friend. I am waiting on the vet to call to find out all the specifics. Is there any special food/vitamins/drugs to help? I know nothing of this disease. I have been during research & says the cat should not be stressed. Unfortunately, Spicey has been stressed as his owner was in the hospital since last Tuesday. A neighbor was feeding him but he was hiding under the couch as he is very timid. And now he is in a strange place, so he has to be very stressed. It has been 3 hours & he has not come out of his carrier, I do not know if he will be friendly with me but he has not hissed at all. I think I maybe taking on too much but in a small way I feel like I am keeping my friend alive too.

Any ideas/suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.


Joyce & Spicey

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