Hello all, my Maggie now 1 year 5 months old has been Felv+ since birth. 
She is the kitten we adopted after testing her for everything under the sun to 
protect our 13 year old Sasha. She later became symptomatic (gingivitis, 
vomiting, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes) and was retested and was positive. 
Anyway we kept her and her symptoms resolved except for the swollen lymph 
nodes. She has also tested positive on the IFA. 
     Early spring she had an episode where she began hiding for a couple days, 
quit eating, and then began abdominal breathing. Turned out the pleural sacs 
around her lungs were full of fluid. She was given lasix and in a day was 
herself. Since then she has been a relatively healthy, happy kitty. 
     3 weeks ago I took her and her sister in for vaccines, exams, and blood 
work. They had a hard time getting blood from her (couldn't hit the vein) and 
she got quite stressed. The blood work was perfect and she seemed fine after we 
got home. We started her on Interferon a week ago. Now suddenly the last week 
she has been sleeping all the time under blankets (she doesn't like being 
covered up), not eating much (very odd for her as she is a food hound and will 
eat constantly if you let her), and not drinking much (she usually drinks and 
bathes in the pet fountain several times a day). Her temp is normal. Thursday 
we noticed she now is holding up her left front paw. She walks on it and the 
limp is mild.
     Any ideas? Has anyone seen any sides effects with interferon? Would it 
make her feel bad? I'm hesitant to run her to the Dr's. and create further 
stress but am really worried about her. These guys go downhill so fast 
sometimes I don't want to wait either. Any advice would be appreciated.


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