No transfusions, hmmm, makes me wonder which two emails my mind was
combining.  I had heard the LTCI was somewhere between $60 and $100 a shot
and I think an initial series is around 10 shots.  There is a lady on the
FIP list who has been treating 15 cats, wish I had that kind of money.

I was sure you'd have to stop the pred to use LTCI, I'm not 100% sure for
Acemannan as I don't have the package insert any more, but I think you
might.  Acemannan comes in a box of 4 10mg vials (actually 8, 4 powder and 4
sterile water for mixing) and doses at 1 mg per KG once a week for 6 weeks.
I was told a box would be about $175, my vet is giving me mine for $125 (I
think that might be his cost) to try something they haven't tried before.  I
am fortunate that my vets are pretty much willing to try anything I bring
them and are willing to learn about new or little known treatments or tests.

Acemannan is made by VPL (Veterinary Products Laboratories) and their site
is if you check the tech support page you will see the contact
info for Dr, Greg Biehle who is the technical assistance person for
Acemannan Immunostimulant.  He is a very nice guy who is willing to speak
with anyone (not just vets) who is seriously interested in trying Acemannan.
If he isn't at the clinic when you call or is busy, he will call you back.

I can understand your reluctance to change things now while Wolfie is
stable, but I am sure you are aware that at some point his condition will
start to go downhill and a change will be needed.  I hope he is able to
maintain for a long time.


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Hi Gary,

Wolfie hasn't had any transfusions yet.  We've done ultrasounds, x-rays,
lots of panels of testing, etc.  We have discussed transfusions with the
internal med at Cornell but I won't put him through repeated ones just to
buy him a little more time.  I totally understand why other people do it and
I would do it in a crisis until we could try other stuff if needed.

Anyways, I did hear that I'd have to wean off the pred if trying LTCI and
that's why I was asking if anybody has seen this stuff turn around a cat
like this.  I've talked to numerous vets and they all agree they wouldn't
risk taking a stable cat off the pred and having him crash just to try the
LTCI.  I'd feel awful if I made things worse.  I'm torn because I'm willing
to do anything to help him but at $90 a dose, I'm trying to weigh the pros
and cons.


> I have had a number of cats that were FeLV positive and had
> anemia.  I have
> tried Epogen and if it did anything at all, it wasn't
> noticeable.  It is too
> bad you live in such an expensive area, I'll bet those
> treatments Wolfie has
> had would be half that here in Arkansas.  You are
> fortunate that Wolfie does
> so well with transfusions, many times they don't last very
> long and don't
> raise the HCT all that much.  I also tried
> Immunoregulin on a couple.  It
> appeared there was a very short term improvement and then
> they went
> downhill.  That doesn't mean it wouldn't work for
> you.  I believe the
> protocol says if there isn't an improvement in a very short
> time after
> starting treatment, you know it isn't going to work.
> Now is definitely the time to try something while his HCT
> is still at a
> reasonable level.  I haven't tried the LTCI, mostly
> because I can't afford
> it.  I recently took in two kittens that tested
> positive for FeLV, both were
> thin and anemic.  I tried some Acemannan on them and
> they are both doing
> great now.  It is much less expensive than LTCI, but I
> could not guarantee
> it would help in any particular situation.  I wish I
> had the chance to try
> it on a couple of the adult FeLV cats I have lost to
> anemia.
> Personally, I don't think any of the available supplements
> that people
> (including myself) give these babies to build their immune
> systems, will
> reverse non-regenerative anemia.  Something a bit more
> proactive is needed.
> If you decide to try LTCI or Acemannan, I believe you will
> have to stop the
> pred. before starting either of those.
> Gary

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