Hi Gary,

Wolfie hasn't had any transfusions yet.  We've done ultrasounds, x-rays, lots 
of panels of testing, etc.  We have discussed transfusions with the internal 
med at Cornell but I won't put him through repeated ones just to buy him a 
little more time.  I totally understand why other people do it and I would do 
it in a crisis until we could try other stuff if needed.

Anyways, I did hear that I'd have to wean off the pred if trying LTCI and 
that's why I was asking if anybody has seen this stuff turn around a cat like 
this.  I've talked to numerous vets and they all agree they wouldn't risk 
taking a stable cat off the pred and having him crash just to try the LTCI.  
I'd feel awful if I made things worse.  I'm torn because I'm willing to do 
anything to help him but at $90 a dose, I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons.


> I have had a number of cats that were FeLV positive and had
> anemia.  I have
> tried Epogen and if it did anything at all, it wasn't
> noticeable.  It is too
> bad you live in such an expensive area, I'll bet those
> treatments Wolfie has
> had would be half that here in Arkansas.  You are
> fortunate that Wolfie does
> so well with transfusions, many times they don't last very
> long and don't
> raise the HCT all that much.  I also tried
> Immunoregulin on a couple.  It
> appeared there was a very short term improvement and then
> they went
> downhill.  That doesn't mean it wouldn't work for
> you.  I believe the
> protocol says if there isn't an improvement in a very short
> time after
> starting treatment, you know it isn't going to work.
> Now is definitely the time to try something while his HCT
> is still at a
> reasonable level.  I haven't tried the LTCI, mostly
> because I can't afford
> it.  I recently took in two kittens that tested
> positive for FeLV, both were
> thin and anemic.  I tried some Acemannan on them and
> they are both doing
> great now.  It is much less expensive than LTCI, but I
> could not guarantee
> it would help in any particular situation.  I wish I
> had the chance to try
> it on a couple of the adult FeLV cats I have lost to
> anemia.
> Personally, I don't think any of the available supplements
> that people
> (including myself) give these babies to build their immune
> systems, will
> reverse non-regenerative anemia.  Something a bit more
> proactive is needed.
> If you decide to try LTCI or Acemannan, I believe you will
> have to stop the
> pred. before starting either of those.
> Gary
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> I've posted before about my cat Wolfie.  He's 7 years
> old and has been
> losing weight for the past 4 years.  His HCT is also
> down (currently 25).
> We've treated for hemobart and retested and he's now
> negative (was positive
> before).  He has started gaining weight and has put on
> a pound but I'm sure
> the leukemia is in his bone marrow.  He's been tested
> and has
> non-regenerative anemia.  He's been stable for a few
> months but his WBC,
> RBC, and platelet counts are all gradually declining. 
> I was expecting him
> to crash when I got the confirmation of non-regenerative
> anemia but he's
> holding his own.  I was told he's probably making red
> blood cells in his
> liver or spleen, just no longer in the bone marrow.  
> Has anybody ever had luck with LTCI or any of the other
> things mentioned
> once it has gotten to this point?  I've done all sorts
> of testing for
> digestive issues, lymphoma, IBD, etc.  We have made a
> couple trips to
> Cornell and decided to just keep him on pred and monitor
> trends for now.  I
> keep hoping for some miracle but I know the prognosis is
> not good.
> Thanks
> Amy  
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