I have had a number of cats that were FeLV positive and had anemia.  I have
tried Epogen and if it did anything at all, it wasn't noticeable.  It is too
bad you live in such an expensive area, I'll bet those treatments Wolfie has
had would be half that here in Arkansas.  You are fortunate that Wolfie does
so well with transfusions, many times they don't last very long and don't
raise the HCT all that much.  I also tried Immunoregulin on a couple.  It
appeared there was a very short term improvement and then they went
downhill.  That doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you.  I believe the
protocol says if there isn't an improvement in a very short time after
starting treatment, you know it isn't going to work.

Now is definitely the time to try something while his HCT is still at a
reasonable level.  I haven't tried the LTCI, mostly because I can't afford
it.  I recently took in two kittens that tested positive for FeLV, both were
thin and anemic.  I tried some Acemannan on them and they are both doing
great now.  It is much less expensive than LTCI, but I could not guarantee
it would help in any particular situation.  I wish I had the chance to try
it on a couple of the adult FeLV cats I have lost to anemia.

Personally, I don't think any of the available supplements that people
(including myself) give these babies to build their immune systems, will
reverse non-regenerative anemia.  Something a bit more proactive is needed.
If you decide to try LTCI or Acemannan, I believe you will have to stop the
pred. before starting either of those.


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I've posted before about my cat Wolfie.  He's 7 years old and has been
losing weight for the past 4 years.  His HCT is also down (currently 25).
We've treated for hemobart and retested and he's now negative (was positive
before).  He has started gaining weight and has put on a pound but I'm sure
the leukemia is in his bone marrow.  He's been tested and has
non-regenerative anemia.  He's been stable for a few months but his WBC,
RBC, and platelet counts are all gradually declining.  I was expecting him
to crash when I got the confirmation of non-regenerative anemia but he's
holding his own.  I was told he's probably making red blood cells in his
liver or spleen, just no longer in the bone marrow.  

Has anybody ever had luck with LTCI or any of the other things mentioned
once it has gotten to this point?  I've done all sorts of testing for
digestive issues, lymphoma, IBD, etc.  We have made a couple trips to
Cornell and decided to just keep him on pred and monitor trends for now.  I
keep hoping for some miracle but I know the prognosis is not good.



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