Well Fred started having seizures 3 hours after his vet visit, we're not sure what is causing those but he is on phenobarbitol and those so far are controlled. He is eating like a little piggy and drinking. It takes about 2 weeks for them to get used to the effects of the phenobarbitol so he is pretty much out of it most of the day. His legs aren't working right now even though he does try to get up and can walk a step or 2 before he loses his balance.

The blood work results show that there is possibly cancer, if so I would guess a brain tumor but the vet said it also could be from a severe inner ear infection, which he does have an inner ear infection, he was on drops only so I asked for the pills too, asked a week ago when we diagnosed him but the vet I saw then said it wasn't that bad and he didn't need them, they were obviously wrong and it has probably gotten worse again. I'm going to tell my vet I want to keep him on the baytril for wahtever time he has left, this is the 5th time an infection has come back because the vet wouldn't listen to me. He had an infection years ago that he kept getting back because they wouldn't leave him on the antibiotics longer like I requested. Fred has a really bad time clearing infections and they really kick his butt so I have to be more forceful about that.

I know someone who's cat was on baytril for 8 years and she did fine.

Would appreciate prayers for Fred to get over this latest hurdle ... and yes I have told him if he is ready to go I am fine with that, he has my blessing, but he keeps hanging on, he is one tough cookie!!


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