Will keep you and Kong in my prayers, for you to get a job and Kong to get 
better.  Keep us posted on both fronts.
---- Ashley Vanover <ashley.vano...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hi, everyone, I have been actively reading this list for a month or so now,
> so I figured it was time I join.
> My cat, Kong, just turned 3 in October. I found him in a Wal-Mart parking
> lot when he was 12 weeks old. He was mostly feral, had been starved, most
> likely abused, and had a nasty case of lung worm.
> It was love at first sight.
> He had his initial kitten vaccinations, and was declared to be in good
> health once the lung worm cleared up. He has come such a long way in
> socialization--he is not a lap cat, and really doesn't even like to be
> petted for long periods of time, but I can tell he adores me in his special
> "Kong" way. He also has an incredibly intense bond with my 4 year old cat,
> Gonzo. I've never seen two unrelated cats take to each other they way they
> did.
> Around October 15, I noticed Kong wasn't acting like himself. I am a law
> student, and I am gone most of the day, so I kept an eye on him and told
> myself if he didn't perk up I'd take him to the vet (I was hoping he would
> perk up, because I am unemployed, live on a very limited student loan budget
> and live in an incredibly expensive area of Chicago--money is VERY tight). I
> noticed he wasn't eating or drinking much, and when I saw him wobble as he
> stood up, I knew he had to get to the vet right away.
> To make a long story shorter, he ended up at an Emergency treatment
> facility. He had many tests done, and 3 blood transfusions. He was diagnosed
> with FeLV, and non regenerative anemia. His ELISA was negative, but the IFV
> was positive. The emergency vet charged me over $5K and sent Kong home with
> me to die.
> A vet in my neighborhood is now treating him, and I have him on prednisolone
> and interferon. It's been over a month since his diagnosis, but he is
> hanging in there. He has a healthy appetite, and occasionally feels well
> enough to play with his favorite string. I call him my miracle cat, because
> according to every vet I've spoken to, he should be dead right now.
> He is my world, and I am going to continue to do every thing I possibly can
> for him. I've currently spent about $7K on his treatment, which is about the
> amount of loan money I will get for my spring semester starting in January
> (so I've got to find a paying job pronto, or I'm in big trouble) I'm
> terrified that he will require more transfusions or expensive treatments
> that I can't afford.
> So, that's Kong's story. I look forward to talking with you all and learning
> from your experience.
> --Ashley
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