I am shocked that your vet cannot order it. It's not even a "drug" per se. 
Perhaps your vet can contact another vet that can order it? My vet is the 
"Sacramento Cat Hospital" and if you google it, they have a website with all 
their contact info. As I type this, Rosie has Murphy in a headlock and is 
trying to bite his eye....he has these huge persian-like eyeballs and fluffy 
hair-she is a sleek tabby from a feral colony and loves to terrorize him these 
days even though she's half his size. I believe they'd both be dead if we 
hadn't begun the Imulan before they began crashing like Rosie's 4 brothers did. 
(The 4 brothers didn't see their 1st birthday.) These two have so much 
energy-galloping up and down the hall-one minute she's chasing him and then 
when they reverse directions-he's chasing her! I absolutely love it-not a 
sneeze or a sniffle since Sept, when they were constantly sick before the 
treatments. Rosie is 16 months old, Murphy just a few months
 more. I am only giving the subq injection every 6 weeks now. (It was once a 
week for 4 weeks in the beginning, then 2 weeks, 4 weeks etc). If I didn't have 
the Imulan, I have been reading alot of great things about the IV vitamin C 
therapy-I just read an article that said it cured a bad case of H1N1 in a 
human-but I didn't try to verify it-there is alot of information out there on 
the IV vitamin C-I do believe it is worth checking into. 
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