That's interesting  I'll start that (orally) with a cat I have.


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No amount of antibiotics will do for your cat's stomatitis
what ascorbic acid will do.  See
_assn_prev_med-1978-v2-n3-p10.htmstomatit for an idea of how
much to use for different similar conditions in animals.  I
would put the cat on oral vitamin C or subcutaneous or
intramuscular injections of sodium ascorbate.  Better yet
would be asking your vet to put the cat on intravenous
vitamin C (in a sodium chloride drip) from McGuff -  I can
give you the protocol for your vet if you would like to have
it.  The key is dosage - using enough vitamin C for long
enough to clear the infection and inflammation (again, see
the general guidelines in the Belfield paper).  Vitamin C
used in any of these forms is safe, nontoxic and highly
therapeutic for a myriad of conditions in animals when given
in sufficient doses.

Sally Snyder Jewell
Tower Laboratories Corporation

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