vitamin E 200 I.u.'s human dose, once a week. if your cat doesn''t like it 
(mine chews it up and swallows it willingly, the only med that she will take 
without a fight and she is missing 8 teeth), you can cut it and squeeze the goo 
onto the affected area. This clears it up all the time for my cat. OR, there is 
this expensive ointment that is usually used for dogs, that my vet gives me. 
Mupirocin Ointment, 2 % 22gm. that works too. IT also lasts a LONG time.  My 
cat eats both dry and wet,and prefers the dry. I grind up the grilled or sliced 
varieties of fancy feast wet to tiny morsel size, and they will eat it that 
way. It makes the tiny cans last longer and they still have the texture that 
they perfer. Hope this helps. You guys don't hear from me much because one of 
your members got mean to me and smeared my name and ruined my reputation on 
this site. But I am overlooking this because I DO know what helps the kitty in 
this instance. I wish you and your kitty well,
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  Subject: [Felvtalk] stomatitis

  Hi. I'm fostering an FIV+ cat right now who has pretty bad stomatitis. We had 
his teeth cleaned and 6 of them removed, and after a few weeks of antibiotics 
post-dental surgery he was doing much much better-- eating a lot more, gained 3 
pounds in 3 weeks, not seeming to have any mouth pain and the redness was all 
gone. We stopped the antibiotics (which had been clindamycin then switched to 
clavamox) and he remained ok for  a few days. He then went to a potential 
adoptive home with another FIV+ cat. A week later she called for us to get him 
back, largely because his mouth got really bad again. He is back on Clavamox, 
and has been for a few days, but is growling when he eats and can only eat wet 
food that we break up into very small pieces. His gums are very inflamed again. 
I had 6 FeLV+ cats, but was lucky that none had stomatitis like this. For those 
of you whose cats have it or had it, what do you recommend?

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