did not do this.  Please do not blame yourself.  

I'm fairly new to this list and I know others will have better insight than
I.  I can only share that one of my two positives "turned blue" under
anesthesia for neutering.  In our case, they were able to bring him back
quickly, but I think more animals are lost during spay/neuter procedures
than is common knowledge.  

We discovered Taj was FeLV positive in the pre-op bloodwork.  His sister,
Rani, also tested positive when we took her to be spayed a week later.  She
didn't have the same adverse reaction to the anesthesia as her brother, but
I know that because of his very near death experience, the vet staff was
extremely cautious with her.

None of this helps you with the terrible pain of losing Bridget.  I am so
very sorry.  She knew she was dearly loved, and you know that all of us
grieve with you.


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Bridget is dead. I had her spayed today and apparently she died very quickly
under anesthesia. She was my baby. I would have done anything for her and
now she's dead. It has been a miserable few weeks with Frosty Paws and then
Baby Girl but this has broken my heart. She was doing so well. Could it have
been the LTCI? I have to know whether I'm responsible for killing her.
Please, if anyone knows whether the LTCI could have had something to do with
it, maybe made her more sensitive to being put under, please let me know, I
have to know whether I killed my cat.
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