Overdosing with anesthesia could easily be considered an accident. I'm so sorry this happened, whatever the reason it certainly wasn't in any way your fault and being human we are raised to respect people in authority and wouldn't think a professional would purposely do harm to someone in their charge ... but it happens and as unsavory as it may be it is entirely possible this vet is a bad egg. Being in his position of power he probably isn't too worried anyone is going to come after him. I've read enough horror stories about vets who have taken an oath to do no harm to our pets being monsters, it is *rare* but it does happen. Just out of curiosity is there any way to find out how many other positives he has had in his care have passed if there are any?

It may be entirely that her body just couldn't handle the procedure, the stress, anesthesia or some other part of it, but I would absolutely be suspicious knowing this vet thinks all FeLV+ cats should be euthanized and then saying what he said about things possibly going wrong and then my furkid just happens to die. Sorry, sounds fishy to me.

There probably isn't anything that can be done except never take another positive cat to this vet and if it were me, I wouldn't ever take any cat to him for anything again.

If something was done you can rest assured it wasn't your fault in any way and Bridget is safe and OK where she is and if this vet did do something wrong, he will pay whether here or beyond, he will answer for all the things he did that were wrong and/or evil.


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