Well, if he did another positive and he came through OK, then I would say it probably was just something that she physically wasn't able to handle ... maybe there was an underlying heart issue or some other issue that was unknown. My sisters cat had something very similar happen, she was healthy as far as anyone knew but her cyst ruptured during surgery and she went into cardiac arrest and didn't get oxygen for too long, she was alive but her brain function was gone. It killed my sister to give the OK for them to let her go, it was her first furkid and she was only 6 years old going in for a pretty much routine surgery.

It seems Bridget knew it was her time as was trying to let you know, but you are seeing it as guilt in not stopping something that was probably suppose to happen the way it did, she must have been done teaching and learning what she needed to here and was ready to go back to spirit.

I know it doesn't sound like I believe in these things most of the time, I do but I still also fight fiercely for every second of life here which makes it very hard to come to terms with death being a continuation of life in our other form, quite a war waging in me sometimes.

But please know, your premonition wasn't to make you feel like there was something you could do about what was probably meant to be, if she hadn't had the surgery and it was her time she would have passed a different way, sometimes there isn't anything we can do to stop life here from ending ... but it only ends in the physical for us left here which makes it seem so final when in reality we go on without limitations once we leave these physical bodies.

Bridget doesn't want you to feel anything but the love she still has for you and to know she is fine and no longer limited by the restrictions our physical lives put on us. I hope she will visit you in a dream or some other way that will make it clear to you it is her and you can get comfort from that.


happiness is being owned by cats ...



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