Laura, sending healing thoughts, energy and prayers to you. You did right by
these kitties. There are so many things we cannot control. You gave them
love and they had a better life with you than they would have had
otherwise...even though brief. Godspeed, sweet Bridget. 

My beloved Keisha, (age unknown, FeLv-) was my kitty for 10 years. One day
she was having trouble breathing. I took her to the ER. The vet told me he
wanted to give her some oxygen and that she would be fine. He told me to
come back in 2 hours. He called me an hour later and said she died. I had so
many questions and guilt and then some days later I realized my guilt and
the answers to my questions would not bring her back and I did the best I
I did request a necropsy and did learn her cause of death (congestive heart
failure. I also learned she had beginning stage lung cancer). Knowing what
she died of did provide some measure of comfort but didn't change things.

My best,

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Oh Laura I am so sorry. You have truly had an awful time lately. Please
don't blame yourself. I've had a couple kitties die under anesthesia. It has
usually been their heart. 
You are such a wonderful person to take in these kitties & have done so much
more than most people would have. Unfortunately having these kitties takes a
horrible toll on our hearts. My thoughts are with you. 

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Bridget is dead. I had her spayed today and apparently she died very quickly
under anesthesia. She was my baby. I would have done anything for her and
now she's dead. It has been a miserable few weeks with Frosty Paws and then
Baby Girl but this has broken my heart. She was doing so well. Could it have
been the LTCI? I have to know whether I'm responsible for killing her.
Please, if anyone knows whether the LTCI could have had something to do with
it, maybe made her more sensitive to being put under, please let me know, I
have to know whether I killed my cat.
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