Hi everyone...haven't posted on her since I lost Nibbler in November...his 
brothers Brillo and Desmond are now both anemic.  My boys are both about 8 
months now and were born with FeLV.  3 weeks ago I noticed Brillo eating his 
litter and I checked his gums and they were pale.  Took him to the vet and his 
rbc count was down to 12%.  She started him on steroids and the following week 
it jumped upto 18%.  I had hope.  Last week his count fell down to 9% and she 
said he only had a week or two left to live.  Its non regenerative anemia and 
she said the FeLV has spread to his bone marrow.  He was doing so well and then 
it came out of nowhere.  She's having me take him in on Wednesday to see if its 
"time"...I am heartbroken.  He has been losing about 4 ounces of weight a week 
because he lost his appetite even though she started him on meds a week and a 
half ago to increase his appetite but they don't seem to be working.  He still 
purrs everytime
 hes touched and jumps onto the window perch and onto our king bed to sleep on 
my lap.  On top of all this, I noticed his brother Desmond licking the window 
last week and I checked his gums and they were a little pale.  I took him to 
the vet and his rbc was only 12%.  His bloodwork came back and his anemia is 
regenerative (the opposite of Brillo) plus he has a good appetite and weighs 
about 2 1/2 lbs more then Brillo.  She also started him on steroids.  I take 
him in on Wednesday to have his rbc rechecked.
I am so afraid she is going to tell me my baby Brillo needs pts.  When she told 
me he only had 1-2 weeks left my heart fell to my stomach...I'm still not over 
his twin Nibbler's passing...I have never bonded with any other pets like I 
have with my FeLV+ kitties Nibbler, Brillo and Desmond.


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