The hemobartonella test is very, very hard to get a positive result on, it has to be taken at the precise moment the bugs are acting up or it will give a negative result. I know more than one cat that was positive but tested negative 4 or 5 times before they finally caught it. Those cats that were put on doxy did well, those that weren't some died. I will always put a cat that is anemic for an unknown reason on doxy to be on the safe side, especially a positive cat ... just my opinion but to me it isn't worth taking the chance of losing my furkid to something that is treatable.

How is haemobartonellosis diagnosed?

Sometimes the organism can be seen inside cells on a blood smear. To find them, a small drop of blood is spread over a microscope slide, stained and examined under the microscope. The number of organisms in the bloodstream can fluctuate dramatically. *There can be many observed in one sample, and a sample taken two hours later may reveal none.* A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) blood test to detect this hemotropic mycoplasma is available.


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