It sounds like you are doing the same thing I am.....I also have a
building, and I also keep FelV cats in a separate room, but I had
no problem getting liability insurance.  My cats don't attack people.
I only worried about someone falling on the sidewalk out front, or
having some other accident while on my property. I simply asked for
liability and fire insurance and got it. The insurance company didn't
ask me what the building was going to be used for, and I saw no reason
to mention the cats, because they aren't like dogs that attack people. 
I don't understand why your cats INSIDE the building would keep you
from getting liability insurance.  It sounds like your insurance 
company thinks you are insuring the cats not your building. 

> On 06-30, Marnie Miszewski wrote: I need Liability insurance. I tried
> Kennel Pack and they sent me an apology letter. They won't insure
> me because I adopt out healthy cats and keep FELV positive cats in
> the same building. It's not like I keep them together. They each
> have their own cageless room. I also had to promise never to adopt
> out the FELV positive cats for them to even consider me and still
> they wouldn't insure me. I know some of you do this, so I'm hoping
> you can point me in the direction of people who are a little more
> understanding to the needs of these kitties. It isn't fair to
> discriminate against me or these animals. I just want to provide a
> no kill place for them to live and help find homes for all of the
> kitties if possible. :-(

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