Murphy has been sneezing-We took Murphy and Rosie in yesterday for check ups 
blood work. They did an in house PCV on him because his gums were pale. He is 
anemic at 18.5%. This is the beginning of the end. I had hoped that after 
Rosie's 4 brothers last year that we would get a reprieve. I had hoped that the 
vet's rough rule of 1/3 would apply to us since we began with 6. We had Rosie 
and her 5 brothers-and Murphy, the friendly kitten that was tossed into the 
feral colony that we caught Rosie and the boys from after trapping and 
their mother-1/3 of kitties would succumb quickly, 1/3 would die young and 1/3 
generally live fairly uneventful lives for quite a while. Murphy is becoming 
lethargic at times, sometimes stretching out and sleeping on the floor-not his 
usual pose-he is my eagle, if he isn't on the computer desk next to me-curled 
in an envelope box (any box will do-he has even tried to squeeze into a box 
barely big enough for his head-LOL)-he is asleep in the spare room-on top of 
bookcase! He has a talent of springing from the floor and landing in a box on 
top of a 4' cabinet without touching the edges-he is like a little antelope 
his springy legs. Murphy is the king of cats-I have never been owned by such an 
awesome kitty. He is beautiful with his fluffy, tuxedo coat, huge eyes and even 
huger paws-he has 7 toes on his front feet and 6 on the backs. He can snag a 
toy tossed at him like in mid-air like a baseball player and can even pick up 
things using the extra toes like fingers. I cannot believe this is happening 
again. We have begun Procrit, iron supplement and Doxy for the sneezing/cold 
thing he has going on-his lungs are clear, but a little wheezing in his throat 
area. Wish us luck-I am so sad right now and keep tearing up. I can't take much 
more of this disease, so much loss for all of us.  Alice and Glenn (humans), 
Rosie and Murphy-furkids
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