Terry-thank you for keeping Murphy in your thoughts. He has consistently tested 
negative for Hemotropic Mycoplasmas. His Absolute Reticulocyte count is now 
35200. Both Murphy and Rosie have been on LTCI injections since last September. 
We began treatment before any symptoms appeared and their HCT levels were in 
high 30s, low 40s. I just got the faxes on their blood tests. Murphy's HCT is 
22.3, Rosie's is 46.5. I am thinking of giving them another injection tomorrow, 
the last one was June 27-it will be 28 days-but the other thing is, should I do 
both cats or just Murphy? Is there such a thing as having a too high HCT level 
(like Rosie's 46.5)?  Just watching my Murphy sleep and hurting because we 
stop this train wreck.  Alice
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