The fourth herb is Andrographis. Natalie

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I am so sorry.  I was really hoping the LTCI would do it.  Pet tinic and
epogen and whatever else may help with anemia is usually only a temporary
fix.  The real problem is the underlying bone marrow deficiency due to
infectivity with virus.  I have been with this group long enough to have
hopes for so many different possibilities.  Sometimes they work, sometimes
not.  I know you have too.

I have a long shot.  I requested this for Wolfie too, but want to ask you.
There is a tonic comprised of four herbs.  They are anti-inflammatory, and
for cancer.  A host of secondary positive effects have been noted with its
use including cessation of certain viral infections.  It appears to seek out
and destroy abnormal cells while leaving healthy ones behind.  It also
provides an anti-inflammatory which in many settings can be beneficial.  It
hasn't been used for felv as far as I can tell, but in theory I think it
could help.  If you are interested I can get you the name of the herbs,
where to get them and how to prepare them.  It takes time to do it and
concentrate it so it may take a week before you have the final product.  Let
me know what you think.

The herbs in graviola, neem and chaparral.  The fourth is escaping me right
now, but I can find it.

God bless and I will pray for you.


On 7/24/10, Sharyl <> wrote:
> Alice I understand how stressful this is for all of you.  Here is a link
> a site that helps explain test results
> Broadway Vet BW Explanations
> Just click on the item and open the pdf file.  For example it says
> moderately elevated HCT could possibly be a sign of dehydration.
> After fighting anemia with a CRF kitty and several FeLV kitties I
> understand your frustration.  I didn't get alarmed until the HCT fell
> 20%.  I did use supplements like NutriVed, Super B Complex. B12 and folic
> acid to help them build new red blood cells.
> I rescued a litter of 4 positive 4 week old kittens and lost all 4 of
> them.  Mattie who was blind made it the longest to about 16 months.  I had
> adopted 2 positive kittens from a nearby rescue group and lost them after
> just a few months to FIP.  I had earlier rescued 2 positive kittens, about
> month old.  I only have Rocket left.  She is just over 3 now and is
> to show signs of the disease.
> The heartbreak doesn't get any easier.  The thought that keeps me going is
> they had a good life for as long as they were on this earth.  They were
> loved and cared for.  So many wonderful kitties don't even have that and
> they aren't FeLV kitties.  We do what we can with the resources we
> have.  And we treasure each day we have these wonderful companions.
> Hugs top Murphy and all of you
> Sharyl
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> > Date: Saturday, July 24, 2010, 7:02 PM
> > Terry-thank you for keeping Murphy in
> > your thoughts. He has consistently tested
> > negative for Hemotropic Mycoplasmas. His Absolute
> > Reticulocyte count is now
> > 35200. Both Murphy and Rosie have been on LTCI injections
> > since last September.
> > We began treatment before any symptoms appeared and their
> > HCT levels were in the
> > high 30s, low 40s. I just got the faxes on their blood
> > tests. Murphy's HCT is
> > 22.3, Rosie's is 46.5. I am thinking of giving them another
> > injection tomorrow,
> > the last one was June 27-it will be 28 days-but the other
> > thing is, should I do
> > both cats or just Murphy? Is there such a thing as having a
> > too high HCT level
> > (like Rosie's 46.5)?  Just watching my Murphy sleep
> > and hurting because we can't
> > stop this train wreck.  Alice
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