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Subject: [Felvtalk] Eosinophilic granuloma in Spanky's nasal passage

This week I noticed Spanky's nasal passage looked swollen and red. At first I thought it was bleeding. It seemed that it just happened overnight! I took Spanky to the vet on Wed morning and she said it looks like he now has an the eosinophilic granuloma in his nose and it is swollen and half blocking the nasal passage. He has this also between his eyes and in his whiskers so it is migrating to other parts of his face. It started out as a white dot, then as his immune system became more depressed it turned into the granulomas and they keep getting larger. I started him on a topical steroid 3x a day. The cream they gave me to put on the granulomas is called tritop (neomycin sulfate isoflupredone acetate, tetracaine hydrochloride ointment.)

However, I'm not sure how long we can wait to see if it works - next steps would be the steroid injection which will be dangerous for him given his lack of an immune system. Not sure if pred pill form should be tried first. I can't have his breathing blocked and do nothing. At this point he can breathe and is eating/drinking.

I started him on cyproheptadine for his appetite. He's lost about 1.5 lbs since May and keeps steadily losing though he is eating. Spanky's last blood results were better or the same as before. He's FELV pos and was anemic. I have been giving him Pet-tinic 2x per day and it was able to raise his HCT to 32%. I know there is a risk if I have to give him the oral steroids ultimately on his already non-existent immune system but I have to do something as they can turn into cancer. If anyone gives oral steroids or if your kitty has had these granulomas I'd like to hear how your kitties handle it. Spanky's WBC was only 2400 last test (low of 996). It is all such a delicate balance/juggling act with the
FELV/anemia/ beginning of CRF/etc. The standard treatment for the
granulomas is steroids (usually the depo steroid injection). I'm just looking for any advice or recommendations - do I see a dermatologist or risk surgery (laser surgery to remove these if I can find a laser surgeon in my area)? Sorry for rambling but I'm so upset that this has to be inside his nose now!

Cindi on the anemia list gave me some good links I will send to my vet as well.

Thanks. Stacy and Spanky

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