Kim, you did not kill your kitten.  Your kitten was ill or had a congenital 
defect and simply was not destined to survive.  You gave her love, warmth, 
security and a full belly.  She was very lucky that you found her and she knew 
it on some level.

Be good to yourself.  Mourn your loss and take your time.  You did your level 
best and even if you don't know that right now, all the rest of us do and we 
are hurting because of your pain.  You aren't alone and I honor you for the 
help you gave her and continue to give to the other furbabies that you have now 
and that will undoubtedly come your way.

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] I killed my kitten last night...
Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 3:28 PM

Dear Kim,
I am so sorry about your kitten's death!  I'm sure that at one time or
another, each one of us who has dealt with sick cats and kittens, takes the
blame for their death.  You did all you could! Your kitten seems to have had
some serious health problems and was probably underweight because of them;
at 2 months old, she should ideally have weighed almost 2 lbs.  I would
probably question whether the vet gave her the right dose of dewormer etc.
Don't blame did NOT kill the kitten! It's so natural for us
to question ourselves when something goes wrong!

I have just gone through a kitten death two weeks ago.  A practically
newborn kitten was found in a window-well filled with water after a heavy
rain.  Someone looked down and saw a tiny orange kitten - under water except
for the head.  A call went out to anyone who might have a nursing mother - I
did and still do.  The kitten was probably 4 days old by then...our kittens
were already 4 weeks old and gigantic compared to this baby.  The mother was
very willing to accept little Puddles, but he showed no desire to suck....I
had to feed him with an eyedropper.  All went well, but after 5 days,
Puddles didn't want to drink as much KMR and started feeling cold, although
I kept him in a small carrier on heated disks for warmth, and fed him every
two hours except for 4 hrs at night. I took him to the vet, and as he
examined him, Puddles died right then and there...his temperature was only
95.6!. I blamed myself for just about everything, but I know that I did what
I could correctly...I have raised so many tiny kittens to adulthood, why not
this one?  Maybe Puddles never got to drink his mother's milk to get any
colostrums....we'll never know.

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Subject: [Felvtalk] I killed my kitten last night...

I am having such a hard time today with my kitten's death.
My little kitten that was 2 months old died last night.  She weighed 3/4 of
a pound.  She was the runt of the litter that I had raised since they were
four weeks old.  She has been a huge challenge for me the month I had her.
My vet first thought she had mega esophagus but then wasn't so sure when she
threw up roundworms.  She had a problem keeping her food down since the very
beginning.  Anyway, Friday, my vet wormed her, and her three siblings.  She
was doing great yesterday until around 7 pm.  I gave her a small bowl of KMR
and shortly afterwards she started having difficulty breathing and was
breathing through her mouth. She had eaten canned kitten food earlier and
was doing fine.  
She died while I was holding her trying to give her a sub q injection.  I
don't know what I was thinking.  I know I killed her.  She couldn't breathe
and I was trying to hold her still and evidently I had her in a position
that her breathing worse because she just went limp and died in my hands.
It was so fast that I didn't even get to give her any fluids.  I knew she
was having troubles breathing but yet I held her still and she was unable to
breath because of it.  
I'm having a hard time with her death. She was such a sweet kitten and even
though I can't admit it in front of her other three siblings she was my
Can anyone explain this to me?  Were the worms fighting the Strongid and
migrating to her lungs making her unable to breathe?  Did the KMR have
something to do with it?  
I feel so bad.  When I saw her throw up the worms Thursday night I told her
to hang in there and I would get her all better in the morning after the vet
wormed her but instead I feel like I killed her and did wrong by her. 
I am so sorry I did this to her and wish I could take it all back.  She
didn't deserve to die this way. 

"...Saving just one pet won't change the world....but surely the world will
change for that one pet..."
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