One of my small kittens, the runt, although he weighed 1.5 lbs at 6 weeks
old (much smaller than his three sisters) - developed head tilt - it was an
inner ear infection.  After being on Clavamox (1/4 mL 2X daily) - he
improved almost overnight.  Doing well now. Does your kitten have a mother?
Hope he gets well and gains some weight!  Natalie

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Kim, you didn't kill her.  You were trying to save her.  3/4 of a lb at 2
months is awfully small.  She probably had failure to thrive syndrome.  All
we can do is try to help them the best we can.  I have a kitten now I am
assist feeding who just isn't growing.  He sounds like he has severe nasal
congestion.  We are on our 3 abx and not seeing any improvement.  But we
keep trying.  That's all any of us can do.
You loved her and that's what counts.

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> I am having such a hard time today
> with my kitten's death.
> My little kitten that was 2 months old died last
> night.  She weighed 3/4 of
> a pound.  She was the runt of the litter that I had
> raised since they were
> four weeks old.  She has been a huge challenge for me
> the month I had her.
> My vet first thought she had mega esophagus but then wasn't
> so sure when she
> threw up roundworms.  She had a problem keeping her
> food down since the very
> beginning.  Anyway, Friday, my vet wormed her, and her
> three siblings.  She
> was doing great yesterday until around 7 pm.  I gave
> her a small bowl of KMR
> and shortly afterwards she started having difficulty
> breathing and was
> breathing through her mouth. She had eaten canned kitten
> food earlier and
> was doing fine.  
> She died while I was holding her trying to give her a sub q
> injection.  I
> don't know what I was thinking.  I know I killed
> her.  She couldn't breathe
> and I was trying to hold her still and evidently I had her
> in a position
> that her breathing worse because she just went limp and
> died in my hands.
> It was so fast that I didn't even get to give her any
> fluids.  I knew she
> was having troubles breathing but yet I held her still and
> she was unable to
> breath because of it.  
> I'm having a hard time with her death. She was such a sweet
> kitten and even
> though I can't admit it in front of her other three
> siblings she was my
> favorite.  
> Can anyone explain this to me?  Were the worms
> fighting the Strongid and
> migrating to her lungs making her unable to breathe? 
> Did the KMR have
> something to do with it?  
> I feel so bad.  When I saw her throw up the worms
> Thursday night I told her
> to hang in there and I would get her all better in the
> morning after the vet
> wormed her but instead I feel like I killed her and did
> wrong by her. 
> I am so sorry I did this to her and wish I could take it
> all back.  She
> didn't deserve to die this way. 
> Kim
> "...Saving just one pet won't change the world....but
> surely the world will
> change for that one pet..."
> The top ten reasons to spay and neuter your dog or cat were
> killed in a
> shelter today.
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