The other thing is that among adult cats with healthy immune systems, it may not matter whether they're vaccinated or not. I'm of the camp that thinks it doesn't matter. I've seen articles about this but sorry don't have a reference right now - that healthy adult cats are going to throw the virus off whether they're vaccinated or not.


On Dec 7, 2010, at 9:48 AM, Stephanie (Merkel) Sherry wrote:

Thank you everyone for all your comments and feedback. It is definitely helpful and encouraging. For those that have asked, the FELV+ kitten is Magic and she is about 5 months old and healthy other than her diagnosis. I have three other cats. Leroy and Zoe are 2 1/2 and had their FELV boosters when they were kittens, but have not had them since - just rabies and distempter. My biggest concern is my oldest cat, Ally, who is 13 1/2. She has only received her rabies shots since she was a kitten as she had a nearly fatal reaction to her vaccines when she was a kitten. Since she is an indoor cat, the vet recommended against
further vaccines many years ago.

The vet at my practice who suggested potentially integrating after vaccinating also seemed to be in the camp that this disease is not passed as easily from cat to cat as we might be led to believe. She told me that it generally takes prolonged consistent contact to be passed. My FELV+ kitten is currently separated from my other three negative cats and I had been concerned about accidental exposure to my negative cats. She also emphasized that it does not
survive long in normal household conditions.

I won't be able to talk to my regular vet until late Thursday or Friday. My husband is leaning towards wanting to vaccinate and mix if possible. I'm still
on the fence.

Again, I'm very appreciate of everyone's insight and perspective. It definitely


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